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Collegium Helveticum fellowship for Francesco Sovrano

Francesco Sovrano from Zurich Empirical Software engineering Team receives an Early-Career fellowship for his research project «Explainig the Unexplainable: Bridging the Gap Between Generative AI and Theory-Driven Explanations». He will spend ten months at Collegium Helveticum, starting this September. Congratulations!

Francesco Sovrano's project addresses the challenges and issues posed by the opacity of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). While GenAI technology, such as ChatGPT, is highly effective at producing explanations, the underlying rationale remains largely unknown. Opening this «black box» of ChatGPT is an ongoing problem, and current tools are insufficient for this purpose. Existing explainable AI (XAI) algorithms are generally ineffective in explaining large natural language generation models. Therefore, the aim of the project is to understand how GenAI technology generates explanations about historical, legal, and technological concepts by combining unconventional empirical methods and philosophical theories wit XAI technology.

The Collegium program is designed to encourage work that transgresses disciplinary boundaries in unconventional ways.

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Prof. Dr. Alberto Bacchelli

Head of Zurich Empirical Software engineering Team

Dr. Francesco Sovrano

Zurich Empirical Software engineering Team