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ACM Gems of PODS talk by Dan Olteanu

Dan Olteanu will deliver the Gems of PODS talk at the PODS 2024 conference to be held in Santiago, Chile in June 2024. The Gems of PODS event features topics and results in PODS that have been highly influential in the PODS community and beyond. 

The annual ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference is a leading international forum for database researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. The conference includes a fascinating technical program with research and industrial talks, tutorials, demos, and focused workshops. It also hosts a poster sesssion to learn about innovative technology, an industrial exhibition to meet companies and publishers, and a careers-in-industry panel with representatives from leading companies.

Dan Olteanu's talk is on the Incremental View Maintenance problem. This is a fundamental computational problem in databases of immediate practical relevance: Given a query and a database, the goal is to maintain the output of the query under updates to the input database. The updates can be inserts and deletes of tuples into and respectively from the input database. The motivation for this problem is the observation that small changes to the input database may beget small changes to the query output. It is therefore deemed inefficient to recompute the query output on the updated database from scratch. Instead, it may be more efficient to propagate the change from the input database to the query output.

Over the past five years, Dan Olteanu's group has worked extensively on theoretical and practical aspects of this problem in both academia and industry.


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Prof. Dr. Dan Olteanu

Head of Data Systems and Theory (DaST) group