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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Social Software in the corporate realm

Innovation in service economies depends increasingly on how well organisations are able to generate, manage and share knowledge in the face of geographic distribution, which tends to breed knowledge pockets and reinventing-the-wheel phenomena. A new type of technologies, enterprise social networks (ESN) emerging from the public Internet, promises to offer a user-centred approach to address this challenge. With our project we aim to investigate knowledge sharing, communication and information management practices in ESN (using genre, content and media analysis), to identify challenges in the adoption and use of ESN and to understand and support development of communication policy and management guidelines. The expected contributions of our project are: 1) A better understanding of potentials, ways of using and effects of ESN in distributed corporations in creating a new public communication space and in facilitating user-centred knowledge management; 2) Management guidelines for facilitating ESN introduction in a corporate context, to support platform adoption and improve communication policy. In addition to these direct project outcomes and their industry and academic dissemination, the two institutions will benefit from the skills and knowledge sharing facilitated through the project exchange.


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