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What is a Thesis?


In this document we added a number of documents that are relevant for people who are in the processof writing their theses.

So what is a (Diploma) Thesis? A few thoughts for first-timers.

by Abraham Bernstein

This Document summarizes some thoughts regarding planing, doing, and writing a (Diploma) thesis. So what is a thesis? What is it good for? And how can people go more informed (and strategic) about it? Is there a collection of little tid-bit hints that can help me put together the actual thesis once its done? The thoughts expressed in the document aren’t any guidelines or de- tailed instructions, but thoughts, which are the result of reading many theses. So, please take them for the grain of salt—they are worth what you paid for them!

What is a thesis? A few thoughts for first-timers. by Abraham Bernstein (PDF, 127 KB)

Writing a PhD Thesis

Writing a Ph.D. thesis is a lengthy, complicated, and sometimes difficult to understand enterprise I am, therefore, trying to gather sources that will help people to see the light at the endof the tunnel. I will post useful material here whenever I find it...

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