Bachelor/Master Theses and Master Project Topics

This pages lists the open BSc. and MSc. thesis descriptions, as well as the master projects opportunities currently available in the DDIS research group. Do not hesitate to contact the respective person if you are interested in one of the topics. If you would like to write a thesis about your own idea you can propose it to the person most related to what you plan to do or you can contact directly.



Knowledge Graph Linking through Joint Embeddings (MSc. Thesis)

There exists a variety of publicly available knowledge graphs. Some knowledge graphs cover general knowledge (DBPedia, Wikidata), while others contain specific knowledge, e.g. bibliometric data (DBLP, RDF Book Mashup, Colibrary), information related to biology (Bio2RDF, BioPortal), and many more. Typically, knowledge graphs are created by independent organizations, for a specific use-case, and from a specific data source. This leads to a fragmentation of information, even though most knowledge graphs overlap with others. The challenge of Linked Data is to find ways to identify where two knowledge graphs overlap and link them accordingly. This can be achieved via mainly two paradigms: Similarities in node labels, and similarities in graph structure. The former paradigm has already been proven to be effective. The latter paradigm is currently under discussion, and we have recently developed an embedding-based method that could be modified for this purpose. The goal of this thesis is to test our method in the setting of knowledge graph alignment and to investigate how it can be combined with the label-oriented paradigm.

If you are interested, please contact: Matthias Baumgartner


New Yellow Pages for the Digital Society Initiative (B.Sc. Thesis)

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) provides an academic platform for promoting critical, interdisciplinary reflection and innovation on all aspects of the digitalization of society and the sciences. Currently the DSI’s network consists of approximately 350 UZH researchers. In order to get an overview of the network’s members and their research interests the DSI needs Yellow Pages. The end product of this BA Thesis, thus will allow the DSI’s members, outsiders and interested people to get an overview of the network’s area of expertise and to get the contact data of the respective members.

Based on an existing survey among the DSI’s members and an already existing version of the DSI’s Yellow Pages the goal of this thesis is, hence, to (1) evaluate various approaches for displaying and exploring the yellow page information interactively, (2) implement the service within the UZH infrastructure such that the Yellow Pages offer the user an improved search functionality, better overview over the research interests as well as expertise of the different DSI network members, and (3) prove the means to update/maintain the data. In order to ensure long-term usability of the Yellow Pages by the DSI a thorough documentation is required.

If you are interested then contact Dr. Sarah Lechmann.