XML and Databases (MSc/6+)

Lecturer: Dr. Can Türker

Summary: Today, the W3C standard XML is widely used as document format for exchanging data over the Internet. While the generation of XML data is easy, the management of XML data requires systems that are able to efficiently store, query, and process XML data. With other words, database technology is required for handling XML data. The goal of this lecture is to teach the interplay between XML and databases. The following aspects are studied in detail: semi-structured data model of XML, query languages (XPath, XQuery) for declarative access to XML data, XML processor technologies, mapping between XML and databases including efficient storage and index structures for XML data. A further central concern of this lecture is to show the practical relevance of all presented concepts by demonstrating how they are realized in major database management systems such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

Goal: Achieve deep understanding of XML and its interplay with database technology

Prerequisite: Databases (Bachelor level), i.e., basic knowledge in databases

Recommended: MSc Studies

Examination: 13.06.2019, 08:00-09:30, BIN 2.A.10 Universität Zürich Nord, Binzmühlestrasse 14

Credit Points: 3

Date: Thursday 08:15-09:45 BIN 1.D.29 Universität Zürich Nord, Binzmühlestrasse 14

Starts: 21.02.2019


Week Date Topic Slides Demos
8 21.02.2019 Intro and Motivation 01-Intro (PDF, 913 KB) 01-Intro-Demo (ZIP, 4 KB)
9 28.02.2019 XML & DTD 02-XML (PDF, 516 KB) 02-XML-Demo (ZIP, 5 KB)
10 07.03.2019 No lecture!    
11 14.03.2019 XML Schema & XML Processors 03-XML-Processors (PDF, 2167 KB) 03-XML-Processors-Demo (ZIP, 66 KB)
12 22.03.2019 XML Processors & XML Query Languages 04-XML-Query-Languages (PDF, 2112 KB) 04-XML-Query-Languages-Demo (ZIP, 17 KB)
13 28.03.2019 XML Query Languages    
14 04.04.2019 XML Query Languages & XML Updates 05-XML-Updates (PDF, 213 KB) 05-XML-Updates-Demo (ZIP, 1 KB)



No lecture!




Mapping between XML and Databases

06-Mapping-XML-to-DBMS (PDF, 1110 KB) 06-Mapping-XML-to-DBMS-Demo (ZIP, 7 KB)
17 25.04.2019 No lecture!    
18 02.05.2019

Mapping between XML and Databases

07-Mapping-DBMS-to-XML (PDF, 789 KB) 07-Mapping-DBMS-to-XML-Demo (ZIP, 1 KB)
19 09.05.2019

XML Indexing & SQL/XML 

08-XML-Indexing (PDF, 890 KB)  
20 16.05.2019


09-SQLXML (PDF, 1093 KB)

09-SQLXML-Demo (ZIP, 4 KB)

21 23.05.2019 XML Support in Database Systems 10-Systems (PDF, 1833 KB) 10-Systems-Demo (ZIP, 37 KB)
22 30.05.2019 No lecture! 11-Conclusions (PDF, 441 KB)  
24 13.06.2019 Examination    


  • BASEX (Open source XML tool supporting XPath/XQuery 3.0 and Query Update Facility 1.0): http://basex.org


​Student Assistant Positions Available! Students-Assistant-Job-Announcement (PDF, 258 KB)

  • Web Application Programming on the J2EE Platform
  • Become a member of the B-Fabric Development Team: http://fgcz-bfabric.uzh.ch/wiki
  • Work time flexible; fulltime possible during semester holidays

If interested, send your CV to tuerker@fgcz.ethz.ch.