Temporal and Spatial Data Management TSDM19

Lecturer: Michael Böhlen
Teaching language: English
Term: Fall 2019

Objectives: The course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of temporal and spatial database systems. Temporal and spatial data are present in virtually all application areas. We discuss the challenges that arise from the management of temporal and spatial data; we show solutions and limitations of current database systems; we discuss the directions of current research in the area; and we illustrate the basic principles in terms of data models, query languages, algebras and algorithms. The course is taught in odd years only.

Requirements: Please only follow the course if you have attended an introductionary database course before.

Teaching format and exam: The course consists of lectures and exercises. The exam is a closed-book exam, no notes are allowed.

Reading material: The literature are research papers. The papers and lecture notes for the course will become available as we progress through the semester.

Lectures The lectures take place Monday 14:00-15:45 in room BIN 2.A.01 and starts September 16. Tentative syllabus and slides: