Database Systems DBS21

Lecturer: Sven Helmer

AmirReza Alizade Nikoo, Kevin Wellenzohn

Teaching assistants:

Raphael Hämmerli, Hsuan-Pin Wu, Albert Anguera Sempere, Seungwoo Han, Lukas Zehnder

Teaching language: English
Term: Spring 2021

Objectives: The course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of database systems. It focuses on the relational data model and covers the following topics: relational algebra and calculus, SQL, relational database design, conceptual database design, physical database design, query processing and optimization, and transactions. The aims of this course are to learn the basic concepts underlying a database system; to understand how these concepts are implemented in concrete systems; and to get hands-on experience in using a database system. 

Teaching Format: The course consists of weekly lectures and labs. Every week an assignment is posted online and students are highly encouraged to solve this assignment prior to the next lab. The assignment is discussed in the lab one week after its publication.  Solving the assignments is the best preparation for the midterm and the final exam.

Evaluation: There is one midterm and the final exam. The midterm is optional but students are highly encouraged to attend it. The midterm grade is only valid for the current year. The midterm and the final exam are graded from 1 to 6 with quarter grades. The final grade is the weighted average of the midterm grade and the final exam grade. The weight of the midterm is 40%, and the weight of the final exam is 60%. The midterm grade is only taken into consideration if it exceeds the final exam grade.  

Consider relation schema Grades(Sid, Midterm, Exam). The final grade is computed with the following SQL query and rounded to the next lower/higher quarter-grade:

  (0.4 * GREATEST(Midterm, Exam)) +
  (0.6 * Exam) AS FinalGrade
FROM grades;

OLAT: All course-related information (inlcluding enrolment, lecture slides, assignments, etc.) will be published on our  OLAT course page.