MSc Projects

General Information

The MSc project is a semester-long course module worth 18 ECTS points inteded to be completed in a team. In very rare cases (e.g., if absolutely no project partners can be found), a MSc projcet may also be done individually. The MSc projects offered in our group can involve programming, simulations, lab or online experiments, or theoretical work, depending on the particular topic. For example, the project may a) involve the design and development of a new market platform, b) involve the design and execution of a lab or online experiment, c) involve the development of a large-scale simulation environment, d) involve a theoretical analysis of a mechanism and the design of a new one, etc. We will do our best to find a good matching between the students' backgrounds and interests and the topic of the MS project. However, please note that unfortunatley, we do not always have a MSc project available, even when we are approached by highly-qualified MSc students.


Generally, it is preferrable if students interested in doing a MSc project with us have already taken our course "Economics and Computation." However, this is not required for all MSc projects offered at our chair. If you are interested in doing a MSc project with the Economics and Computation Research Group, then please send an email to Sven Seuken with the following information (please provide short, concise answers):

  1. Course "Economics and Computation": Did you already take or in which semester do you intend to take the course "Economics and Computation", or what kind (if any) of other relevant background knowledge do you have (e.g., game theory, mechanism design, etc.)?
  2. Transcript: A transcript listing all courses (with grades) you have taken in your BSc program and in your MSc program, such that we can see what kind of background you already have.
  3. Future Plans: Are you planning on writing your MSc thesis with the Economics and Computation Group? Note: "currently undecided" is completely fine.
  4. Topics: Which topics related to Economics and Computation are you particularly interested in?
  5. Style of Project: Are you more interested in a MSc project that involves a) programming, b) designing and executing an experiment, or c) theoretical work?
  6. Programming Proficiency: For each programming language you have used before, please estimate your level of proficiency according to the following scale: low (I have tried it before), medium (I have taken one course in it), high (I have taken multiple courses and/or done a project in it), excellent (I have used this language for many years).
  7. Other CS Skills: If you have any other particular CS skills, or special background knwoledge (e.g., experience with R, or experience with smartphone programming, etc.), then feel free to list that as well (not required).
  8. Project Partners: Do you already have a partner, or multiple partners also interested in doing the MSc project with you? If yes, please have them send us the same information.
  9. Starting Date: When would you like to begin your MSc project?
  10. End Date: By when would you like to be done with your MSc project?
  11. Other Comments: Anything else you think we should know?

Once we have received this email from you, we will generally get back to you by email within 1-2 weeks to schedule an appointment. If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to ask Prof. Seuken

List of Availalbe MSc Projects

Currently, there are no open MSc projects. However, students can always propose their own projects, or they can let us know about their particular interests, and we will let them know when we have a project that fits their interests.