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Department of Informatics Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group

Open Theses

Bachelor's Theses

According to the regulations for Bachelor theses (PDF, 101 KB), the thesis needs to be written in the main subject. According to these regulations, main subjects might include Software Systems and Informatics with Natural Sciences, but typically exclude Information Systems.

Current topic for Bachelor theses include:

(no current topics available)

Master's Theses

The regulations for Master theses (PDF, 94 KB) state that the thesis must be written in the according major of the student. Master theses in the AIML group are typically located in majors of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. In rare cases, People-Oriented Computing or Software Systems might be viable. Information Systems majors, unfortunately, need to look for theses topics elsewhere.

Current topics for Master theses in my research group include:

(no current topics available)

Additionally, the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation offers a topic for a Master thesis, which will be hosted in my research group: