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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab

Research: Polygonal Modeling

Level-Of-Detail (LOD) Modeling

Multiresolution mesh representations are important tools for the reduction of polygonal mesh complexity in interactive rendering environments. Ideally, for interactive display, a mesh is simplified to the maximal tolerated accuracy or visible error. In this project we develop efficient multiresolution mesh models for interactive LOD generation and rendering of large triangle meshes. Our methods provide view-dependent LOD generation and real-time mesh simplification that minimize visual artifacts. Our FastMesh hierarchical multiresolution triangulation framework is based on a half-edge triangle mesh data structure and includes optimized implementations of several view-dependent or visual mesh simplification heuristics. Our approaches are highly efficient both in space and time cost and are extended to out-of-core as well.

Project leader:

Renato Pajarola