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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab


Dynamic Work Packages in Parallel Rendering

David Steiner, Enrique G. Paredes, Stefan Eilemann, Fatih Erol and Renato Pajarola
Year: 2015
Research area: Scalable Rendering and High Performance Visualization
Type of Publication: Technical Report
Keywords: Visualization, parallel rendering, load balancing
Institution: Department of Informatics, University of Zürich

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@techreport{SPEEP:15, Author = {Steiner, David and Paredes, Enrique G. and Eilemann, Stefan and Erol, Fatih and Pajarola, Renato}, Institution = {Department of Informatics, University of Z{\"u}rich}, Keywords = {visualization, parallel rendering, load balancing}, Month = {August}, Number = {IFI-2015.04}, Title = {Dynamic Work Packages in Parallel Rendering}, Year = {2015}}

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