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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab


SymmSketch: Creating Symmetric 3D free-form Shapes from 2D Sketches

Yong-Wei Miao, Feixia Hu, Xudong Zhang, Jiazhou Chen and R. Pajarola
Year: 2015
Research area: Polygonal Modeling
Type of Publication: Journal
Keywords: Graphics, geometric modeling, shape modelling
Book title: Computational Visual Media
Volume: 1(1)
Pages: 3-16

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@article{MHZCP:15, Author = {Miao, Yong-Wei and Hu, Feixia and Zhang, Xudong and Chen, Jiazhou and Pajarola, Renato}, Doi = {10.16598/j.cvm.2015.0002}, Journal = {Computational Visual Media}, Keywords = {graphics, geometric modeling, shape modelling}, Month = {March}, Number = {1}, Pages = {3--16}, Title = {{SymmSketch}: Creating Symmetric {3D} free-form Shapes from {2D} Sketches}, Volume = {1}, Year = {2015}}

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