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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab


Streaming Surface Sampling using Gaussian ϵ-nets

Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Jonas Bösch, Renato Pajarola, M. Gopi
Year: 2009
Research area: Polygonal Modeling
Type of Publication: Article
Keywords: geometry, sampling, simplification
Journal: The Visual Computer
Volume: 25
Number: 5-7
Pages: 411-421
Month: May

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@article{DBPG:09, Author = {Diaz-Gutierrez, Pablo and B{\"o}sch, Jonas and Pajarola, Renato and Gopi, M.}, Journal = {The Visual Computer}, Month = {May}, Number = {5-7}, Pages = {411--424}, Title = {Streaming Surface Sampling using Gaussian $\varepsilon$-nets}, Volume = {25}, Year = {2009}}

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