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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab


A Surrogate Visualization Model Using the Tensor Train Format

Rafael BallesterEnrique G. Paredes and Renato Pajarola.
Year: 2016
Research area: Scientific visualization
Type of Publication: Conference
Keywords: tensor approximation, surrogate modeling, interactive visualization
Book title: SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Visualization
Volume: 13
Pages: 1-8

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@inproceedings{BPP:16, Author = {Ballester-Ripoll, Rafael and Paredes, Enrique G. and Pajarola, Renato}, Booktitle = {Proceedings ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA Symposium on Visualization}, Doi = {10.1145/3002151.3002167}, Keywords = {visualization, tensor approximation, multidimensional data, parameter spaces}, Pages = {13:1--8}, Title = {A Surrogate Visualization Model Using the Tensor Train Format}, Year = {2016}}

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