Summer Schools

IfI Doctoral Summer Schools

The Department of Informatics organizes summer schools in the three focus fields Information Systems, Software Systems, and Multimodal and Cognitive Systems. In this summer schools the doctoral students can earn ECTS credits for their degrees. The summer schools focus on two goals:

  • Courses on research methodologies teach the doctoral students the basics of scientific work. The courses cover topics such as to conduct a literature survey, to formulate a doctoral proposal, to read, write and review scientific papers, and to evaluate research ideas.
  • Invited speakers will provide the doctoral students with deep insights into the state of the art in their field of research.

No Summer School in 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year’s summer school has been canceled.

To compensate for the 2 credits that you could have obtained during this year's PhD summer school, we will allow PhD students to get credits for online courses, e.g., on Coursera, that they have discussed and gotten approved by their supervisors, and that make sense for their studies or the PhD in general.

If you intend to take this opportunity and attend an online course, please make sure to discuss it with your supervisor. Also, to get the 2 credits, we will require you to provide us some proof/evidence that you successfully completed the course and how many days it took (we will generally credit you 0.5 credits per day up to a maximum of 2 credits in total).

Contact the PhD Coordinator for more information.