Master Basismodul (Master Basic Module)

The Master Basic Module (MBM) is a self-study module that enables students to intensely dig into a topic of their own interest. Typical MBM topics in the s.e.a.l. lab are advanced topics of software engineering. 

As the MBM is an individual study project, the timing is very flexible. Students can at any time get in touch with one of the responsible contact persons (see below) to arrange a date for a kickoff meeting. In this meeting, the concrete scope for the project will be defined, the rules will be explained, and we will arrange a date for a final exam. The exam typically is 2 - 3 months after the preliminary discussion.

Detailed rules are also available on the web site of the department (unfortunately in German).

After this kickoff meeting, you will need to hand in a registration form. The form is online.

Topics and Study Material

The MBM can be done with any professor at IFI. This means that, at s.e.a.l., you can do the MBM either with Prof. Gall or Prof. Fritz. Possible topics depend on your choice of professor.

Topics Prof. Gall

If you are interested in doing your MBM with Prof. Gall, please contact Sebastian Proksch for a kickoff meeting date.

Each student has to select a defined topic from the list below, or pitch his own topic. Every topic consists of 0 or 1 books and a varying number of scientific papers, which the student needs to carefully study. Further, the student needs to devise and implement a small case study, in which she or he applies some of the core concepts from their literature review. For example, if your topic is "Software Quality Auditing", a suitable case study may be to install Sonar and measure some quality metrics for one or two open source projects.

The learnings and case study from the MBM are then presented as part of a 30-minute oral exam. The date for this oral exam needs to be arranged individually with Prof. Gall, but shall typically be 2 to 3 months after the kickoff meeting. The exam consists of 10-minute slide presentation of the student followed by 20 minutes of exam.

After approximately one month, the student shall send a proposal to the responsible assistant containing (a) a rough outline of the presentation and (b) a proposal for the case study.

Potential Topics:

  • Software Quality and Metrics
  • Software Architecture
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Microservices
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Benchmarking
  • Machine Learning in SE

Topics Prof. Fritz

Typically, students select a combination of 2 of the topics below. Concrete reading material (papers etc.) will be agreed on demand. Please contact Prof. Thomas Fritz for details.

  • Information Needs
  • Activity Tracking and Retrospection (Personal Analytics)
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Biometrics in Software Engineering
  • Mythical Man Month (book)