Presentation & Report Reviews


For the presentation of your project work you will have 6 minutes for groups of 2 and 5 minutes for individuals. This is the upper time limit and will be strictly enforced to make sure that everyone gets enough time. After the presentation there will be 2 to 3 minutes for questions.

Please make sure to include in your presentation the problem/motivation for your project, your approach and the evaluation/results you have. Obviously, this will vary slightly depending on the project type you chose, e.g. the approach part for an interview study would be the study method and the data analysis, while it would be the actual approach if you developed some tool to support developers.

Project Report Reviews

We will assign each of you two project reports that other course participants wrote. These reviews follow the same guidelines as the paper reviews and you have to fill out the same review form.

Keep in mind that these reports will be passed on to the actual author(s) of the report,, so try to be constructive! Also, these reports will be used for assessing the acceptance or rejection of the paper in the program committee meeting and will help you to discuss the paper in the meeting (i.e. it usually serves for you as a reminder and summary). Make sure to read it again before the meeting so that we can make informed decisions.