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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Important Dates & Schedule

Date Topic & Material Deliverable



24.9 (Empirical) Research in Software Engineering

What makes good research in software engineering?, Shaw, International Journal on Software Tools for Technology, 2002.

A practical guide to controlled experiments of software engineering tools with human participants. Ko, LaToza, Burnett, ESE, 2013.


Optional (not required!):

Preliminary guidelines for empirical research in software engineering, Kitchenham et al., IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2002.

Experimental models for validating technology, Zelkowitz et al., IEEE Computer, 1998.


response papers, participation in class

Developer Productivity & Support


response papers, leading of part of the discussion, participation
08.10 Sensing and Supporting Code Difficulty
response paper, lead discussion; proposal for project by the end of the week
14.10 Project Proposal Due Project Proposal
15.10 Week for discussing proposals  
22.10 Presenting proposals in class Proposal presentation
24.10 Final Proposal Due Project Proposal

Eye-Tracking in SE & ML + Weekly Scrum


short update report,

response paper, leading of part of the discussion

Machine Learning Intro 29.10.18 (PDF, 549 KB)

Jupyter Notebook ML Intro (IPYNB, 78 KB)


05.11 <written progress report> short update report in written form by email

Mood & Emotions in SE + Weekly Scrum

Do moods affect programmers' debug performance? Khan et al., Cognition, Technology and Work, 2011.

short update report,

response paper, leading of part of the discussion

19.11 Scrum + Weekly meetings (10 mins) short update report
26.11 Scrum + Weekly meetings (10 mins) one page writeup of results
03.12 Scrum + Weekly meeting (10 mins)

almost finished version of project report with finished related work section.

Draft report due on 2.12 midnight!

10.12. Project report is due & you will receive two reports for reviewing

Project report


Peer reviews are due

& you will receive two peer-reviews for your project report for possible feedback before the presentation

peer-reviews of two other reports
17.12 Presenting project to class presentation