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Paper Reviews and Presentation

Paper Reviews

Written Critique of Two Project Reports

To allow you to gain experience in peer review, you have to write a critical review for two project reports of your colleagues.

Guideline for Paper Review

For writing a paper review, please log in to Easychair with the link provided by email. Go to "Reviews", "My Reviews" and then add your reviews for the two papers that are assigned to you. In addition to your detailed review, you will have to rate the paper from reject to accept and you can also provide additional comments that would usually only go to the program committee and not back to the authors.

In the review section, please provide a detailed review of the paper. All paper reviews should start with a short summary of the paper in your own words (not a copy of the abstract) to show that you understand the paper. The next paragraph(s) of the review should contain positive comments on the paper (even if you dislike the paper, you might think that certain aspects or the idea of it are interesting). After that you list the issues that you have with the paper. Make sure to always start out with the most important and high level comments first before going into more detailed comments later on. From your comments/issues it should also be clear why you accepted/rejected the paper. However, even if you accept a paper or weakly accept it, you might have lots of comments/issues on the paper. Some people also write a short bullet list with '+' for the high level positives and '-' for the high level negatives and then elaborate more on each one of them in more detail afterwards.

Remember, a paper review is usually sent back to the author(s), so while you should state your opinion, be as constructive as possible. If you have ever received a review, just reading that someone did not like your paper without concrete ideas on what it was in particular and what you could change for the better, is not helpful.


Please make sure to include in your presentation the problem/motivation for your project, your approach and the evaluation/results you have. Obviously, this will vary slightly depending on the project you choose.

More information on presentations can be found in the slides for the introduction session.

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