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Software Praktikum FS20

Course Overview

The main goal of the obligatory bachelor course "Software Praktikum" (SoPra) is for students to gain experience working in a software development team. The students develop a software version of a new board game and learn software engineering best practices such as requirements engineering as well as how to design, implement, and test software.


Professors: Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz
Assistents: André Meyer, Roy Rutishauser (
Course Content: Implementation of a software project within a group of 5 people.

As defined by the study regulations (Studienordnung) or the course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis).

Credits (ECTS): 6
Grading: pass/fail

English: lecture, presentations and reports, materials, communication with assistants

German or English: TA meetings 

Time and Place:

Room: BIN-0-K.02 (for milestone presentations, please check OLAT)

First Meeting: 17.2.2020 (attendance required!)

Registration: Registration  via Modulbuchung (before semester start) and via OLAT (from 17.02.2020 16:00 till 20.02.2020 08:00)

More Information

Please visit the OLAT course: link

In case of wrong or conflicting information, the information defined by the course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) or study regulations (Studienordnung) are binding.

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