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Evolizer - Integrating software evolution data

Evolizer is a platform to analyze source code and software project data. It is implemented as a set of Eclipse plugins using Hybernate for persistence. The core plugins are able to build and integrate models from Java source code (customized FAMIX), Bugzilla, and CVS data. For the generation of the models Eclipse core facilities are leveraged. The Java Development Tools (JDT) provide AST visitors to extract Java source code facts used for the FAMIX generation. The CVS team plugin enables the execution of common CVS commands on projects under CVS control; by fetching and parsing the CVS logs from Eclipse projects, the versioning model is built. Bugzilla data are extracted using the SAX parser (not Eclipse specific).

See ArchView, and ChangeDistiller for Tools that build upon the Evolizer Platform.

Evolizer is available under Apache license 2.0:

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