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ArchView - Visualizing Multiple Evolution Metrics

ArchView provides user configurable views for trend analysis and hot-spot detection. It follows the principle of measurement mapping representing source code entities such as packages or classes with Kiviat diagrams. For each entity it visualizes multiple metrics from several releases and thereby shows the trend of that entity. Spotting the trend the user can learn a number of visual patterns that allow him to detect the hot-spots and unstable entities. The tool is used in the software evolution analysis domain but not limited to that.

ArchView - Analyzing evolutionary aspects of complex software systems
Martin Pinzger
Dissertation, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, May 2005.

Visualizing multiple evolution metrics
M. Pinzger, H. C. Gall, M. Fischer, and M. Lanza
In Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Software Visualization (SoftVis), pp. 67-75, ACM Press, 2005.

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