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Project Summary

Project PainHawk is aimed at helping chronic pain patients. In the scope of an official CTI project, three partners work on an online pain diary. Analyzing the anonymized information from the diary should generate new insights in the field of chronic pain treatment.

Project start: 1st February, 2012

Project duration: 2 years


19% of European adults are suffering from chronic pain. Often times chronic pain patients are going from one doctor to another and are trying various therapies without getting a satisfiable solution. Treatment is difficult, because chronic pain is very complex. The ongoing pain reduces the quality of life of each patient and generates large costs for the entire society.

Project goals

The project PainHawk is aimed at increasing the knowledge about chronic pain and making treatment more efficient and effective. We are developing an online diary for pain patients, in which sufferers can describe their pain history in detail. The two main goals of the development are:

  • The diary should help patients to systematically record the course of their pain problem. The diary is intended to help patients to describe their problem to those treating them.
  • We want to gain new knowledge about chronic pain and its treatment by analyzing and comparing the anonymized pain diaries to each other.

A first release of the pain diary within a closed user group is planned for late summer 2012. If you are interested in participating as a patient or health care provider, please subscribe to the infoletterprovided by Sanovation.

Project setup and partners

Within the scope of a CTI project, three partners work on project PainHawk:

  • As the research partner, the software evolution an architecture lab (s.e.a.l.) contributes valuable know-how in the fields of software architecture, algorithms for analysis of large data volumes and usability.
  • As medical partners, the Clinics Valens contribute their valuable experience in the field of pain therapy. PD Dr. Stefan Bachmann and Dr. Thomas Mietzsch work closely with the developers and the scientific staff of the PainHawk team.
  • The start-up Sanovation AG contributes their development resources and is going turn the research results into a product.


Project PainHawk is financed by the following three parties:


The Sanovation team is being coached by CTI start-up coach Christian Brand.

Weiterführende Informationen

Have a look at the pain diary which results out of this CTI project:

Bachelor Thesis: Smartphone App Development

Project PainHawk is looking for a motivated student, who is interested in mobile technologies.

Looking for a developer job?

Sanovation AG is hiring talented graduates. Have a look at the open positions.

Financial Partners

Contact Information

If you have any questions about project PainHawk please contact Daniel Lawniczak (project manager).