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The goal of the OntoAccess project is to provide a semantic layer on top of existing relational databases. It enables the ontology-based read and write access to the relational data as well as support for reasoning. Based on mappings that bridge the conceptual gap between RDF and the relational model, a mediator translates Semantic Web requests to SQL. This enables relational and ontology-based applications to cooperate on the same data and to further exploit the advantages of the well established database technology such as query performance, scalability, transaction support, and security. OntoAccess addresses the mapping, the request translation, and the reasoning aspects.


Please note: this download contains only the OntoAccess core and the data access interface for the Jena Semantic Web framework. The release of the full OntoAccess platform is planned. The download further contains an example Java program including a OntoAccess mapping for the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark dataset.

OntoAccess/Jena 0.3.2 (ZIP, 9 MB)

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