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About OMORE - The Personal Privat Cross-Page Recommender System

Online stores and Web portals bring information about a myriad of items such as books, CDs, restaurants or movies at the user's fingertips. Although, the Web reduces the barrier to the information, the user is overwhelmed by the number of available items. Therefore, recommender systems aim to guide the user to relevant items. Current recommender systems store user ratings on the server side. This way the scope of the recommendations is limited to this server only. In addition, the user entrusts the operator of the server with valuable information about his preferences.
Thus, we introduce the private, personal movie recommender OMORE, which learns the user model based on the user's movie ratings. To preserve privacy, OMORE is implemented as Firefox add-on which stores the user ratings and the learned user model locally at the client side. Although OMORE uses the features from the movie pages on the IMDb site, it is not restricted to IMDb only. To enable cross-referencing between various movie sites such as IMDb,, Blockbuster, Netflix, Jinni, or Rotten Tomatoes we introduce the movie cross-reference database LiMo which contributes to theLinked Data cloud.

OMORE integrates automatically and smoothly the rating facility into the HTML document of a movie Web site. Therefore, OMORE enables movie ratings even on Web sites with no ratings facility and enables personal movie ratings without having just another account for just another movie Web page. The same user interface is used to present the computed recommendations to the user for the particular movie.

LiMo - the Linked Movies Database

LiMo publishes information about identical movies on several Web sites to the Semantic Web. LiMo is based on D2R that publishes relational data to the Semantic Web. We published the movie URIs and the references of the supported movie sites in following the Linked Data guidelines to contribute to the Linked Data cloud and enable the cross-linking of movies for other applications. LiMo provides cross-links of movies for:

Amazon, IMDb, Netflix, Blockbuster, RottenTomatoe, Jinni, DBPedia, LinkedMDB.

MOLookup - Movie URI Lookup

MOLookup is a service to (1) lookup and movie URI's in the LiMo database and retrieve additional information such as URL of the identical movies on different Web sites and (2) to provide new movie relations to the LiMo database. A easy-to-use search interface is provided where you can retrieve movie URIs in the Semantic Web by movie title and/or release year. Levensthein distance is used to provide a fuzzy search facility, since movie titles may be mispeld or extended by some Web sites.

OMORE uses MOLookup to retrieve unknown movie URI's. MOLookup uses the retrieval request from OMORE to add new movie linkages across different Web sites. Thus, new movie linkages across Web sites are gathered collaboratively with the people's use of OMORE on yet unknown movie Web pages.

Supported Movie Websites

Omore supports the internet movie database IMDb, the biggest online store, the biggest online DVD retailer Netflix, the movie review and preview platform RottenTomatoes, the DVD retailer Blockbuster, movie Genome project Jinni and the current movie program in swiss theatres by Kitag.

Installation & Requirements


Web browser: Firefox 3 or higher

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or 1.6

OS: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows


The installation of OMORE is simple. Just open the omore.xpi with your Firefox browser and follow the installation instructions. You need to restart your Firefox.

Before you may enjoy the OMORE recommendations, you have to rate at least 10 distinct movies. The more movie you rate, the more accurate the recommendations will be.

For troubleshooting, please read the FAQ.


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