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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Amancio Bouza

Research Assistant, Doctoral Student
University of Zurich
Department of Informatics
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel +41 44 635 67 31
Office BIN 2.D.14

Short bio

I received my MSc degree in computer science from the University of Zurich in 2007. Since 2007 I'm a doctoral student and research assistant in the Software Engineering Group (SEAL) and in the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group (DDIS) at the University of Zurich.

Research Interests

My researches focus on recommender systems specifically based on user-based collaborative filtering. The general assumption in collaborative filtering is that people which share similar ratings for common rated items will continue to do so in the future. Hence, the retrieval of like-minded individuals is crucial. We investigate a novel approach of retrieving like-minded individuals based on hypothesized preferences, which we hypothesize by means of machine learning, and semantic similarity of these hypothesized preferences applying Semantic Web technologies.

Interested? - For more informations please don't hesitate contacting me.

My focus is on:

  • Collaborative Filtering
  • User similarity
  • Machine Learning
  • Semantic Web



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