Sebastiano Panichella, Dr.

Presentation  - ICSE 2017
  Senior Research Associate
University of Zurich
Department of Informatics
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Contact Information:
Tel: +41 44 63 545 83
Office BIN 2.D.03

Biographical Sketch

Sebastiano Panichella is a Research Associate at University of Zurich working in the Software Evolution and Architecture Lab of Prof. Harald Gall. 

Sebastiano Panichella was born in Isernia (Italy), he received (cum laude) the Laurea in Computer Science from the University of Salerno (Italy) in 2010 defending a thesis on IR-based Traceability Recovery.

He received the PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sannio (Department of Engineering) in 2014 defending the thesis entitled ''Supporting Newcomers in Open Source Software Development Projects'' (PDF) .

His research interests are in the domain of Software Engineering (SE) and cloud computing (CC): Continuous Delivery, Continuous integration, Software maintenance and evolution (with a particular focus on Cloud Applications), Code Review, Mobile Computing, Summarization Techniques for Code, Changes and Testing.

His research is funded by one Swiss National Science Foundation Grants

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