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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

I currently offer topics for bachelor's theses, master projects, and master's theses in the wider areas of software engineeringcloud computing, and services computing to students of Wirtschaftsinformatik at University of Zurich. In general, the following rules apply (some are general UZH rules, some are my own):

  • Bachelor Theses are scientific works of limited scope. They usually consist of a survey of the scientific state of the art in a relevant field, a small implementation task, a relevant evaluation (e.g., a small-scale user study), and a scientific monograph (the bachelor thesis). The thesis is supposed to be written in English using LaTeX, and has usually around 30 pages or a bit more.
  • Master Projects are large projects, which are to be solved in teams of 2 to 5 students. Unlike bachelor and master's theses, focus is set on the technical realization of a problem, not so much on literature survey and academic report writing. The technical scope is usually pretty large.
  • Master's Theses are larger scientific works. The structure of a master's thesis follows what is mentioned above for bachelor's theses, but the scope is larger, and the topic should generally be scientifically novel and interesting. My goal is usually that a master's thesis topic something that is, if done properly, academically publishable. Production of a scientific paper as part of a master's thesis is possible but not mandatory (but highly suggested if you are interested in continuing your studies after your master graduation).
Note: I have stopped announcing pre-baked topics on this website. If you are interested in my work and can imagine doing your thesis with me, please drop me an email and we will develop a thesis topic together.