At University of Zurich

Ongoing Theses

  • Joel Scheuner - Predicting Cloud Application Performance Based on Microbenchmarking Data (master's thesis)
  • Stefan Würsten - Automated Transformation of Java Applications to AWS Lambda (bachelor thesis)
  • Fabio Isler - TBD (master's thesis)
  • Selin Fabel - TBD (bachelor thesis, co-supervised with Christoph Laaber)

Finished Masters Theses

Finished Bachelor Theses

At TU Vienna

Finished Master's Theses

  • Fritz Schrogl - Transparently Migrating Java Objects at Runtime in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud
  • Jürgen Cito - Statistical Methods in Web Performance
  • Constantin-Claudiu Gavrilete - Exploiting User Behavior and Markup Structures to Improve Search Result Rankings
  • Rene Nowak - Towards Providing Unified Access To Cloud Data Storage Services
  • Denitsa Djamiykova - Monitoring the Correspondence of Physical and Virtual Network Resources in OpenFlow Based Software Defined Networks
  • Matthias Irlacher - Using Domain-specific Languages for Event-based QoS monitoring in Service-oriented Environments (with Ernst Oberortner)
  • Johannes Ferner - Using Time Series Analysis to Predict Service Level Agreement Violations in Service Compositions
  • Petra Bierleutgeb - VRoxy: Enriching SOAs with proxy-based dynamic binding and reporting based on VRESCo (with mercatis)
  • Mathias Hess - Ensuring SLA Conformance using Cloud-Based Adaptation of Composite Service Hosting Environments
  • Anton Korosec - Deploying a Web Service Runtime into the Cloud
  • Stefan Prennschütz-Schützenau - SOA Security Policy Validation and Authoring (work carried out at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York)
  • Klaus Zettler - Planung, Konzeption und Implementierung eines Virtual Campus im Rahmen von S-Cube
  • Waldemar Hummer - Towards a Domain-Specific Language for Defining Intra-Service Protocols of Stateful Web Services