Laaber, Würsten, Gall, and Leitner - Dynamically Reconfiguring Software Microbenchmarks: Reducing Execution Time Without Sacrificing Result Quality [paper (PDF, 987 KB)] [replication package]

Laaber - Continuous Software Performance Assessment: Detecting Performance Problems of Software Libraries on Every Build [paper (PDF, 495 KB)]

Laaber, Scheuner, and Leitner - Software Microbenchmarking in the Cloud. How Bad is it Really? [paper (PDF, 1334 KB)] [replication package]

Laaber and Leitner - An Evaluation of Open-Source Software Microbenchmark Suites for Continuous Performance Assessment [paper (PDF, 1502 KB)] [replication package]

Laaber and Leitner - (h|g)opper: Performance History Mining and Analysis [paper (PDF, 492 KB)]