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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Christoph Laaber



Research Assistant
ORCID 0000-0001-6817-331X

Short Bio

I was a PhD student and, briefly, a Postdoc at the Software Evolution and Architecture Lab ( s.e.a.l.) led by Harald Gall between September 2016 and July 2021, defending my dissertation "Deliberate Microbenchmarking of Software Systems". I mainly worked with Philipp Leitner on topics at the intersection of performance and software engineering.

I received my bachelor's degree in Media Technology/Interactive Media from FH St. Pölten and my master's degree in Software Engineering and Internet Computing from TU Wien.






  • Advanced Software Engineering (lecture on Performance Testing) FS17, FS18, FS21
  • Seminar Advanced Software Engineering (projects on Performance Measurement) HS18
  • Software Praktikum (course assistant) FS17, FS18, FS19
  • Software Testing (lecture on Performance Testing) FS19, FS20


Supervised students (with Harald Gall):

  • Stefan Birchler - Identifying Flaky Tests By Classifiers: A Performance Analysis of Various Machine Learning Models (bachelor thesis, with Giovanni Grano)
  • Vladimir Masarik - Microbenchmark Selection with Ekstazi (MBM)
  • Stefan Würsten - Software Microbenchmark Reconfiguration (master thesis)
  • Anna Jancso - Automatic Detection of Flaky Tests through Differential Coverage Analysis: A Replication Study (MBM)
  • Mikael Basmaci - A Correlation Study Between Source Code Features and Benchmark Stability (bachelor thesis)
  • Patrick Widmer and Stefan Würsten - Continuous Software Performance Assessment (master project)
  • Sebastian Sanchez - Generation of Software Microbenchmarks (MBM)
  • Stefan Würsten - Visualizing Memory Performance (MBM)
  • Lukas Bösch - Continuous Web Performance Engineering: An industrial case study on end-user load testing (bachelor thesis)
  • Selin Fabel - Distributed Execution of Performance Tests on Cloud Instances (bachelor thesis)


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