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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Giovanni Grano

Research Assistant

University of Zurich
Department of Informatics
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland

Contact Information:

Office BIN 2.D.05

Short Bio

I was born in Campobasso (Italy) on April 24th, 1990. I graduated from the University of Salerno (Italy) in 2015.
I received a Master's Degree (cum laude) in Computer Science, advised by  Prof. Andrea De Lucia, defending a thesis on Search Based Software Testing.

In November 2016 i joined the Student at the Software Evolution and Architecture Lab ( s.e.a.l.) led by Harald Gall, where I started officially my PhD in February 2017. I successfully defended (with distinction) my dissertation in March 2021.

Prior to my PhD, I worked for 1 year in industry. I spent the summer of 2020 as a Software Engineer Intern at JetBrains, Munich.

My research interests include Search Based Software Engineering, Software maintenance and evolution and Empirical Software Engineering.

For anything further, have a look at my private website.



If you are a Bachelor/Master student looking for a thesis topic and you are interested in topics like Automated Testing or Genetic Algorithms, please drop me a line.

  • Lucas Pelloni (Bachelor Thesis) - GUI usability and testing of mobile applications
  • Cristian De Iaco (Bachelor Thesis) - Developer's Perception of Unit Test Quality: An Empirical Investigation on Unit Test Quality from a Developer's Point of View
  • Christian Birchler (Bachelor Thesis) - Estimation of Test Flakiness By Static and Dynamic Call-Graph Analysis - with Christoph Laaber