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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Personal Info

Personal Interests

  • I need my daily dose of sportive activities ;)
  • I love riding snowboard and Laax is my favorite place.
  • In 2009 I started with Kitesurfing. Since then this wind-driven activity has become some sort of an addiction to me ;). I built up a quiver of kites ranging from 7m2 up to 13m2 - the latter for ligther wind conditions. I tried dozens of different kite models from different brands. My favorite kites are manufactred by Cabrinha and Slingshot. I particularly like the North Vegas kite due to its direct feeling and unhooked performance.
  • ASVZ has a broad offer of sports. The best are Super Kondi, Muscle Pump, and of course the gym's.
  • I am a passionate fan of computer and video games since young age. Therefore, I'm also interested in computer graphics, game AI programming, and game engine design and so on.... When I find time I play around with those technologies.

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