Personal Info

Where I'm from

I come from Milano, Italy, one of the world capitals of design and fashion and home of the Duomo (in the picture below), one of the biggest churches in the world and probably with one of the longest construction time. In fact, its construction began in 1386 and the last details were finished only in the 20th century! (1965 to be precise) and even now there are a few uncarved blocks that remain to be completed as statues.
I lived in Milano for most of my life, but throughout the years I had the chance and the luck to live in a few other nice places: 3-4 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina and other 3 months in Santa Barbara California when I was a little kid, 1 year in Rochester, New York during my high school as an exchange student, 6 months in Chicago, Illinois to study at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) and get a MSc (thanks to a joint program between UIC and Politecnico di Milano).


The mountains are my playground all year round as snowboarding and mountainbiking are two of my biggest passions.

I also love to travel around the world. So whenever me and my wife have enough vacation time, we always try to jump on a plane to visit places around the world. Mexico, Thailand, China, Laos, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, USA, South Africa, Egypt, Cuba are just some of the places I've been and there are many others waiting for me! With this passion I also developed a huge addiction for hot and spicy ethnic food (thai, indian and sichuan being my favourites by far) and I try to eat or cook some of that at least twice a week. Cooking is definitely another huge passion of mine.

Other hobbies include homebrewing (in particular bold, hoppy beers), listening to music and reading lots of books, in particular about modern history and politics so that I don't have to rely on often biased media to understand and get a broader view on the state of the world.

Knowledge is Power, Arm Yourself