Intent, Tests, and Release Dependencies: Pragmatic Recipes for Source Code Integration
Martin Brandtner, Philipp Leitner, Harald C. Gall
15th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, Bremen, Germany, 2015
SQA-Mashup: A Mashup Framework for Continuous Integration
Martin Brandtner, Emanuel Giger, Harald Gall
Journal of Information and Software Technology (IST), Volume 65, 2015
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Discovering Loners and Phantoms in Commit and Issue Data
Gerald Schermann, Martin Brandtner, Sebastiano Panichella, Philipp Leitner, Harald Gall
23rd IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), Florence, Italy, May 2015.
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SQA-Profiles: Rule-based Activity Profiles for Continuous Integration Environments
Martin Brandtner, Sebastian C. Müller, Philipp Leitner, Harald C. Gall
IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), Montréal, Canada, March 2015
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Supporting Continuous Integration by Mashing-Up Software Quality Information
Martin Brandtner, Emanuel Giger, Harald Gall
IEEE Software Evolution Week (CSMR-WCRE), Antwerp, Belgium, February 2014
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Fostering software quality assessment
Martin Brandtner
Doctoral Symposium at the 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), San Francisco, CA, May 2013
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