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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group


Our Approach

SCENT is a method supporting requirements elicitation, analysis and definition by creating scenarios in a structured way, validating the scenarios with the customer/user and formalizing them into statecharts. From the statecharts test cases are derived which serve as a basis for integration and system test.

A scenario is a description of a sequence of interactions between a user and a system. In software engineering scenarios are used to capture and model external system behavior as perceived by a (potential) user.

The main ideas of the SCENT project are:

1. To use scenarios in requirements analysis as well as in system testing, thus profiting on the similarities of the two related activities (both being user centered; the first aiming at capturing users wants and needs - that is the requirements -, the second trying to demonstrate that the system meets those requirements),

2. To validate scenarios firstly by defining a stringent iterative procedure to create scenarios, having them reviewed by users regularly, and finally by formalizing scenarios thus exposing inconsistencies, ambiguities and incompleteness in the scenario descriptions,

3. To define a systematic way to use scenarios for the generation of test cases for system test.

Start of project: 1997     End of project: 2002


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