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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group


AVISSIMO - Combining aspect-oriented visualization and animated simulation for the validation of partial, semi-formal requirements models

The SNF project AVISSIMO (Combining aspect-oriented visualization and animated simulation for the validation of partial, semi-formal requirements models) started in fall 2003 and was still going on in 2004.

The first thread in the project deals with the simulation of semi-formal and partial models: Firstly, we were developing a concept for the simulation of partial and semi-formal models. We showed that the simulation of partial models is an appropriate means for evolving requirements models. The evolution of requirements models can be achieved by playing through scenarios. The resulting instance scenarios of this play-through can then be used to refine the system. A second achievment was the development of a concept for regression simulation. Regression simulation supports the evolution by enabling the replay of simulation traces. This can be used to detect unwanted changes in the behavior of a model during its evolution. Thirdly, we developed various concepts for handling semi-formal simulation, this includes beside other things the extraction of formal elements out of informally described model parts.

The second thread in the project deals with aspect-orientation: We first did a state of the art analysis in the field of aspect-orientation and showed the usefulness of the combination between aspect-oriented modeling and simulation techniques for the validation of such models. Secondly, we began to develop and elaborate visualization techniques for the description of additional modularization dimensions in functional requirements models (e.g. ADORA), which can be used to describe crosscutting concerns. Last but not least, we started to define the weaving rules, the necessary language elements and the constraints needed as extension in modeling languages for describing these crosscutting concerns. The research on the visualization of crosscutting concerns in functional requirements models is still going on.


ADORA, requirements specification, simulation, semi-formal, aspect-orientation


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