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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group

Traceability Benchmark (AquaBench)


AquaBench is a benchmark for traceability that we developed based on the AquaLush case study (see below). AquaBench includes a rich data set (all the typical artifacts produced during the development of a software system) with end-to-end traceability links as presented in Figure 1.

                                                     Figure 1: Artifacts and traceability links in AquaBench


AquaLush is software for an irrigation system that uses soil moisture sensors to control the irrigation of the soil. AquaLush was developed by Christopher Fox as an illustrative example for a book about software design [1]. It includes a rich set of documents that covers several artifacts produced during different development phases (requirements, design, implementation).

[1] Christopher Fox. Introduction to Software Engineering Design: Processes, Principles and Patterns with UML2. Addison Wesley, 2006.

Benchmark Data

The Benchmark data (artifacts and traceability links) is available in the following zip:

AquaLushBenchmark (ZIP, 6 MB)


E. Ben Charrada, D. Caspar, C. Jeanneret and M. Glinz. Towards a Benchmark for Traceability. In Proceedings of the Joint ERCIM Workshop on Software Evolution and the International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution (IWPSE-EVOL), at ESEC/FSE 2011. [pdf]

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