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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group

Emitzá Guzmán

Emitzá Guzmán, Prof. Dr.

Emitzá Guzmán was a Postdoc in the Requirements Engineering Research Group from 2015-2018. She primarily worked on the EU H2020 project SUPERSEDE.

She is now an assistant professor at VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands. View her homepage at VU.

She is interested in human factors in software engineering, as well as in empirical methods, data mining and data analysis for software engineering purposes. 

To give software end-users a stronger voice, she studied how end-users give feedback to developers and design/implement/evaluate methods for automatically processing this feedback. To this end, she combined techniques from data mining, data visualization and grounded theory.

She has analyzed data available in formal feedback channels, such as app stores and bug tracking systems, as well as in informal feedback channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. The developed methods are useful for the classification, summarization and prioritization of user feedback, as well as for the detection of diverse feedback.

She has also worked on the automatic extraction of software rationale and requirements for scientific software, as well as on the automatic analysis of developers' communication artifacts.


A more or less complete list of her publications is available in her  DBLP and Google Scholar profiles.

Her publications during her time at RERG can be found on the RERG publications page.