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Department of Informatics

Smartwatch app «MindfulPacer» helps Long Covid patients

André Meyer-Baron and Carlo Cervia-Hasler developed «MindfulPacer» and were recently awarded with the UZH Postdoc Team Award for it. Congratulations!

Andre Meyer

André Meyer-Baron, researcher at the Department of Informatics and member of the DSI, and Carlo Cervia-Hasler, researcher at the Department of Immunology at the University Hospital Zurich, won the UZH Postdoc Team Award for their innovative smartwatch app «MindfulPacer». The project «MindfulPacer» has been supported by Isabelle Cuber, PhD student at the Department of Informatics. 

There is still no medication to treat Long Covid; therefore patients use activity pacing-strategies to manage their symptoms by planning their physical activities. André Meyer-Baron explains that «MindfulPacer» is a tool that empowers patients to help themselves, without having to keep track of a handwritten diary of sleep, heart rate, physical activities, etc.

The award recognizes interdisciplinary postdoctoral teams for their outstanding and independent scientific achievements. 

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Dr. André Meyer

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