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DIZH outreach grant for André Meyer

André Meyer and his team at UZH and USZ won a DIZH outreach grant for their research project «MindfulPacer». The DIZH (Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions) outreach grants support projects with existing prototypes who want to increase visibility and the network at their target group. Congratulations!

There is still no medication to treat Long Covid: therefore patients use activity pacing-strategies to manage their symptoms by planning their physical activities.

«MindfulPacer» is an innovative platform made up of a smartwatch application and a smartphone app. The platform helps people affected by Long Covid manage their symptoms by providing them with real-time data related to their physical activity. The research prototype is now to be made publicly available. 

André Meyer leads the research project «MindfulPacer» with colleagues from the University Hospital Zurich (USZ). From the Department of Informatics, he is also supported by the PhD student Isabelle Cuber and Professor Thomas Fritz. They are currently also looking for astudent research developer.

MindfulPacer project website

UZH News: A Smartwatch App to Tackle Long Covid (30.11.2023)



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