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Department of Informatics

DSI Infrastructure & Lab Grant for Jürgen Bernard: SDG Research Scout

Jürgen Bernard has received a DSI Infrastructure & Lab grant. Together with the teams of Martin Volk and Lorenz Hilty, he will design and develop an interactive tool for identifying content relevant to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in UZH's scientific publications, making it easier for UZH members to engange with SDG-relevant research.

Jürgen Bernard

Jürgen Bernard (Department of Informatics, University of Zurich) has received an Infrastructure & Lab Grant from the UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI). Lorenz Hilty (Department of Informatics and UZH Sustainability Delegate) and Martin Volk (Department of Computational Linguistics and Department of Informatics, UZH) complete the consortium.

The primary goal of the SDG Research Scout is to provide interactive data science support for an effective mapping and relevancy assessment of UZH's scientific publications to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on the definitions of their targets. Examples of SDGs are «Climate Action», «Gender Equality», and «Responsible Consumption and Production». The SDG Research Scout infrastructure project will use cutting-edge NLP, AI, as well as interactive data visualization and analysis technology to identify content relevant to the SDGs, making it easier for UZH members to enagage with SDG-relevant research.

The project is supported by Postdoc Simon Clematide (Department of Computational Linguistics), research assistant Eduard Čuba (Department of Informatics), as well as the UZH Sustainability Team represented by Lorenz Hilty, which will contribute to the exploration and validation of the SDG Research Scout. 

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Prf. Dr. Jürgen Bernard

Head of the Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group