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Online Tourism Communities

Online Tourism Communities Research

The MetAgora platform is a research prototype developed by the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Our aim is the development of a Meta-Community for the recommendation of Online Tourism Communities.

Online Communities have a number of advantages like the possibility to ask questions using natural language or to develop social bonds with other community members. Especially the chance to get to know other travellers from around the world can be very useful for tourists. However, to find the right tourism community is not an easy task today. These communities are scattered all over the internet. In addition, the features as well as the usefulness of the different communities cannot easily be recognized by the Internet user.

The MetAgora platform is an approach to improve this situation. It already contains links to over a hundred travel-related online forum communities from all over the world. We invite everybody to discuss and rate these forums and to enter more communities. Our aim is the establishment of a community of communities that enables travellers to exchange experiences about travel forums and to recommend new communities to Internet users. At the same time, we are conducting research to recommend the right community for you. The MetAgora Approach has been presented at the McKinsey Business Technology Award Conference 2011.


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