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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Dr. Benjamin J. J. Voigt

Former Research assistant
Email: voigt AT

Benjamin J. J. Voigt joined the Information Management Group in July 2005 as a PhD student and research assistant. His research is focused on outsourcing in general and backsourcing and knowledge transfer, as well as expertise sharing, specifically.

Voigt graduated M Sc. Computer Science at the University of Zurich in June 2005. The past 3 years prior to joining the Department of Informatics Benjamin Voigt has been working with Microsoft where he was responsible for marketing and technical consulting for the academic market. Apart from designing and launching a academic download service he established a weblog portal for Microsoft Switzerland. In his spare time he is involved in his own start-up activities and he just recently started to like wakeboarding. Mr. Voigt maintains a weblog at


  • How culture orientations affects offshore knowledge transfer The 2nd Information Systems Workshop on Global Sourcing, France, 2008 Erik Wende, Benjamin Voigt
  • IT Outsourcing bei Schweizer Unternehmen Technical Report No ifi-2007-12, 2007 Benjamin Voigt, Martin Schill
  • How to Manage Knowledge Transfer in IT-Outsourcing Relationships 13th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Keystone, Colorado, USA, 2007 Benjamin Voigt, Jasminko Novak, Gerhard Schwabe
  • Mashups: Strukturelle Eigenschaften und Herausforderungen von End-User Development im Web 2.0 I-COM 2007 Jasminko Novak, Benjamin Voigt
  • DEAN: Demand Analysis Method for Knowledge Transfer in IT Outsourcing Relationships Third International Conference on Knowledge Management, London, 2006 Mishka Bugajska, Gerhard Schwabe, Benjamin Voigt
  • Mashing-up mashups: from collaborative mapping to community innovation toolkits Proc. of MCIS 06 - Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Venice, 2006 Jasminko Novak, Benjamin Voigt

Project participation

  • Knowledge transfer in IT outsourcing for financial institutions
    Start: June 2005, End: June 2007
  • Various projects with the Collaborative Technologies & Social Media Lab

Master Thesis Supervision

Mr. Voigt has been supervising the following master theses projects (German titles translated).

  • An Outsourcing Survey
    Student: Martin Schill
  • Implementation of a Graph Based Knowledge Browser for a CMS
    Student: Amancio Bouza
  • Validation of a Knowledge Transfer Reference Model for Outsourcing Business Contexts
    Student: Ueli Dahinden
  • Workflow Implementation for Knowledge Management Methods in Outsourcing Projects
    Student: Marco Oetterli
  • Towards the Requirements for an Interactive Knowledge Integration Software for Heterogeneous Asynchronous Environments
    Student: Sebastiaan Krist
  • Current Research Overview on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer in Outsourcing Efforts of IT and Software Development Functions
    Student: Gregory Filippi
  • Knowledge Management in Outsourcing Relationships and Continued Knowledge Culture Development Evaluation
    Student: Cécile Novara
  • Knowledge Transfer during Business Process Outsourcing
    Student: Charles Aegerter
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer in Regard to Outsourcing
    Student: Stefan Keller
  • Management in Outsourcing Relationships at Credit Suisse
    Student: Oliver Meili

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