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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Prof. Dr. Jasminko Novak

Professor an der Fachhochschule Stralsund
Email: Jasminko.Novak AT

Jasminko Novak was Senior Researcher and led the Collaboration and Media Technologies Lab at the Information Management Research Group. He is now Professor at the University of Applied Science Stralsund.

Fields of Expertise

Collaboration Systems and Strategies, Human-System Interaction, Participatory Media, Information Management, Knowledge and Innovation Management

Research Services

Consulting on the Design of Information and Communication Flows in Networked Structures, Interaction in Networks, Innovation Workshops, Strategy Moderation, Strategic Consulting, Industry Keynotes, Studies, Piloting and Evaluation, Open Innovation

My research investigates the use of interactive media and cooperation technologies for the design of information flows, knowledge and cooperation networks which enable new forms of social and economic interactions. This work benefits from three interconnected lines of research and expertise:

eCollaboration / Information & Knowledge Management

strategies and technologies for collaboration and knowledge management in complex organizations and multi-stakeholder networks,

Participatory Media / User-Centric Media / Web 2.0

design of networked information and communication structures, social interaction and cooperation in networks, user-generated content, open innovation and integration of end-users as active co-creators in professional value chains,

Interactive Systems / Human-System Interaction

user-centred design and evaluation of interactive systems and services, design of socio-technical systems mediating interactions between individuals, organizations and institutions.

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