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Department of Informatics

Mid-level Faculty Representatives

Every couple of years, IfI members appoint mid-level faculty and department representatives. Find a short description of their tasks and responsibilities below. To contact all representatives at once, use the following email address:

Faculty – PhDs, Post-Docs and Senior Assistants

Department – PhDs

Dzmitry Katsiuba (E-Mail)

The task of the internal doctoral student representative is to stand up for the interests and needs of all doctoral students towards the IfI and the professors. As a representative, I am in touch with the professors, for example, during the regular Department Teaching Meetings. At these meetings and other official events, I can not only speak for the interests of the PhD students but also initiate changes within IfI (e.g., suggestions for the PhD program, infrastructure, rooms, and much more).

So if there is something you would like to change, or if you have another concern that most PhD students care about, you can always contact me via email or just come by and talk about it. I will keep your name private if you wish to remain anonymous. I can also help you to find the right person for your specific issue, who can help you if you have an individual problem (bullying, discrimination, organizational issues, …).

Furthermore, I would like to contribute to an interaction between research groups and bring researchers from different groups closer.

For this purpose, I will organize social events to strengthen the exchange between PhD students.

I would be very happy about your active participation and support of the PhD students of the IfI!

In case I am not available for some reason, you are also welcome to contact my deputy: Sven Eckhardt (IMRG)


Department – Post-Docs and Senior Assistants

Ahmet Kara (E-Mail)




Department – Post-Docs and Senior Assistants (Deputy)

Alexandra Diehl (E-Mail)




General Note

Representatives defend and safeguard collective interests of the mid-level faculty (PhD Students, Post-Docs, Junior and Senior Research Assistants) in various Department and University bodies as well as through informal contacts.

However, there are important issues which lie outside of their responsibility. If you have a conflict with your colleagues, students, or supervisors, you should consider contacting the Academic Integrity Officers of the IfI (at the bottom of the page). In case of formal questions concerning your dissertation, employment, or organisational processes, please consult the responsible administrative and academic staff: PhD Team and Advisory Service, IfI Administrative Resources (German only), Human Resources Information (German only).


If you are unsure whom to contact, the academic coordinator or any member of the administrative staff will assist you.