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Department of Informatics

Chat Wacharamanotham

Chat Wacharamanotham, Dr.

Binzmühlestrasse 14, 8050 Zurich
Room number
BIN 2.B.07
Working hours
Tuesday to Friday

Short Bio

Chat is a lecturer in Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. His mission is to promote research transparency and Open Science. His research focuses on understanding how people plan, report, read, and share knowledge from their research. He developed tools to facilitate researchers in these activities to reduce the efforts required to conduct research in a transparent manner. Previous projects include a study of eye movement behavior in research reading, tools for designing experiments, determining the sample size and choosing statistical analysis procedures, and perceptions and practices of sharing research materials and ethics, transparency, and openness in the field of HCI.

He co-organizes the community-led group of Transparent Statistics in Human–Computer Interaction that organizes events at ACM CHI and IEEE VIS conferences related to this topic. Key outputs of this group include the addition of Transparency aspect in the CHI reviewing guidelines and the Transparent Statistics Guideline (work-in-progress). He also co-organized the Dagstuhl Seminar Transparent Quantitative Research as a User Interface Problem in September 2022.

He is a founder and co-organizer of the Journal of Visualization and Interaction (JoVI). JoVI is a volunteer-driven diamond open-access venue for publishing HCI and Visualization research. JoVI embraces interactive publication formats, two-round Registered Reports, and an open and continued reviewing process.

At the University of Zurich, he will be teaching courses on fundamentals of people-oriented computing (Fall 2024), empirical research methods (Spring 2025), and human-centered artificial intelligence (Fall 2025). He previously taught courses and gave lectures in quantitative research methods and information visualization at the University of Zurich and Swansea University. He co-taught short courses and tutorials on Transparency in Quantitative Research at top conferences in Human–Computer Interaction and Visualization: ACM CHI 2022ACM CHI 2023IEEE VIS 2023.

Chat also contributes to increase the HCI capacity in Thailand and in Asia. He co-founded the Bangkok ACM SIGCHI Chapter in 2017, and he is currently an active member of the community. He is also the chair of the Asia SIGCHI Committee—an arm of the SIGCHI Executive Committee with the mission to promote HCI in Asia.


Fall semester 2024

Spring semester 2025 onward

  • QUANT: Empirical Quantitative Methods in Computer Science

  • RMDOC: Overview of Research Methods for Doctoral Students

Fall semester 2025 onward

  • FPOC: Fundamentals of People-Oriented Computing

  • CSUS:  Seminar: Experiments in Human–Computer Interaction

  • HCAI: Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Research publications