Spin-off and start-up companies

We are proud of the following companies founded by our students and researchers:




VAY (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Chat Wacharamanotham

VAY is creating an AI Fitness Coach. We provide an app which understands the human motion through computer vision and gives corresponding feedback on the exercise execution in real-time.




modum.io (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Burkhard Stiller




holo | one (start-up)

holo|one develops Augmented Reality software for the B2B market. With our revolutionary platform solution we aim to become the de-facto standard for the most common Augmented Reality use cases such as Remote Assistance, Augmented Workspaces and Workflow Support.




opiniooon GmbH (start-up)

opiniooon has developed a digital solution where the patient/customer satisfaction can be measured live on site. An analytics dashboard then provides selected users the real time information and several individual options for the analysis of the results. We provide our services within the fields of healthcare, gastronomy and retail to improve the quality management of our customers.

opiniooon GmbH
  Sentient Machines (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Abraham Bernstein



Zurich Eye (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Davide Scaramuzza




Fotokite (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Davide Scaramuzza




Contovista AG (start-up)

Contovista enables data-driven banking. Our white-label software and data analytics services allow financial institutions to optimize their digital banking experience and gain actionable customer insights.

Contovista AG



smartive AG (start-up)

We are smartive – a dynamic, innovative Swiss web development agency. The realization of modern web solutions in close cooperation with our customers is our passion as well as the consulting and coaching of innovative technologies for our customers.

smartive AG





JLS DIGITAL AG (formerly MONS Consulting GmbH; spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Abraham Bernstein

JLS DIGITAL ist der Schweizer Marktführer im Bereich Digital Signage und Anbieter von digitalen Multichannel-Lösungen. JLS DIGITAL vereint das Beste aus Kommunikation, Design und Technologie: Wir designen, entwickeln und betreiben für unsere Kunden Digital Signage, Content und Apps.



  Starmind (start-up)  



Brickwork Ventures GmbH (start-up)

Brickwork develops Optibrick, a business software which combines artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art web technology to solve complex planning problems. Also, Brickwork offers end-to-end digitization support from strategy to implementation and helps organizations to deliver complex IT and transformation projects.

Brickwork Ventures GmbH



TextShuttle GmbH (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Martin Volk

TextShuttle develops systems that translate text from one language into another. We focus on data privacy through on-premise deployment, meaning our customers – mostly from the banking and insurance sector – can translate sensitive text on their own compute infrastructure.






frentix GmbH (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Helmut Schauer

frentix is a Zurich City located, small and independent company that offers e-learning and software development services for academic, institutional and small and large corporate clients. Our main products are the open source learning management system OpenOLAT and Selectus, a tool to support faculty recruiting and other committee based selection processes. We are specialized in Java / JavaScript based web and mobile applications.






BINT GmbH (start-up)




InnoTix AG (start-up)




Perspectix AG (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Peter Stucki




AlpNET Engineering AG (spin-off)
Originated from the group of Prof. Peter Stucki

Die AlpNET Engineering AG realisiert nutzergerechte und betriebsorientierte IT Gesamtlösungen. Zu unserem Dienstleistungsspektrum gehören Projektleitung, Requirements und Software Engineering, Test-Management und Plattform-Engineering.

AlpNET Engineering AG