Student Projects 2020

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Student Projects 2020

Student Topic Report Task Type Supervisor Deadline
Peter Giger
Sajan Srikugan
Badrie Leonardas Persaud
A Raspberry Pi Cluster for Teaching Big-Data Analytics Report (PDF, 4 MB) Task (PDF, 119 KB) MScProject Sven Helmer 31.10.2020
Luka Popovic Supporting Updates in the RCAS Index   Task (PDF, 57 KB) MSc Sven Helmer
Kevin Wellenzohn
Ledri Thaqi
Isabel Margolis
Elfat Esati
Timeseries Analysis of Medical Intensive Care Unit Data Report (PDF, 15 MB) Task (PDF, 136 KB) MScProject Sven Helmer 31.8.2020
Xiaozhe Yao Implementing deconvolution to visualize and understand Convolutional Neural Networks Report (PDF, 1 MB) Task (PDF, 100 KB) MScBasis Qing Chen 18.8.2020
Dominique Hässig Development of Adaptive Heatmaps for Interactive Feed Explorations Report (PDF, 2 MB) Task (PDF, 242 KB) BSc Michael Böhlen 17.8.2020
Thomas Mannhart

A General-purpose Range Join Algorithm for PostgreSQL

Report (PDF, 645 KB) Task (PDF, 115 KB) BSc Anton Dignös
Michael Böhlen
Marc Rettenbacher Integrating the RCAS Index with the Software Heritage Archive Report (PDF, 419 KB) Task (PDF, 139 KB) BSc Kevin Wellenzohn 27.7.2020
Johann Schwabe A GPU-enabled Single-Point Incremental Fourier Transform

Report (PDF, 1 MB)

Task (PDF, 131 KB) BSc Muhammad Saad


Catharina Dekker
Amos Madalin Neculau
Han-Mi Nguyen
Extending a Domain Langauge for Life Insurance Reporting Report (PDF, 4 MB) Task (PDF, 219 KB) MScProject Sven Helmer 21.7.2020
Nino Scherrer
Santiago Cepeda
Luka Popovic
Movie Genre Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks Report (PDF, 2 MB) Task (PDF, 232 KB) MScProject Sven Helmer 7.7.2020
Nicoletta Farabullini Applying Bit-Wise Dynamic Interleaving in the RCAS Index Report (PDF, 189 KB) Task (PDF, 264 KB) MScBasis Sven Helmer
Kevin Wellenzohn

Alphonse Maryagnanaseelan
Jonathan Stahl
Timo Surbeck

Logistic Regression and Propensity Score Matching in MonetDB Report (PDF, 201 KB) Task (PDF, 88 KB) MScProject Michael Böhlen 7.2.2020
Andris Prokofjevs Building a Learned Multidimensional Index Report (PDF, 868 KB) Task (PDF, 99 KB) MScBasis Kevin Wellenzohn
Sven Helmer